Unusual Lies using MGSS

MGSS for Unusual Lies (refer to the golf video ‘MGS from the Rough’ in this blog)

The MGSSystem is based on producing ‘ideal’ ball flight – for the full-swing, basic pitch, chip and putt shots.

For the full swing, ‘ideal’ ball flight would be: maximum distance, straight direction and ideal trajectory depending on the club being used.

This ball flight requires the club to arrive at the ball from an inside, shallow path, at maximum speed.

The golfer has to make an inside, wide backswing so that impact cannot fail to deliver the club to the ball correctly.

If a golfer requires to play a shot from an unusual lie, such as the rough or a slope or even a hard-pan lie, the main and only change is that the backswing must be much narrower than for the ‘ideal’ full swing.

The golfer should ‘twist’ as usual, then put slightly extra weight on the left (lead) leg, and keep it there throughout the backswing. This produces the required narrower backswing, and therefore downswing, arc. However, the MAIN reason this swing remains MGSS is that the right side of the body (trunk) must continue to remain lower than the left, throughout the backswing, and the golfer must make sure not to ‘stand-up-and-turn’ ie. ‘finish’ until much after impact (if at all!).

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