Comments on MGS from Joel Waldman, Aug. 2015

Kirans surgical dissection of golf swings such as jordan spieths, tiger woods and rory mc elroys is so helpful for those of us trying to be minimalist golfers.  The method and execution is so simple and in accord with human joints and muscles that a golfer can become proficient in mgs in a short period of time. Her swing is the fosbury flop of golf. Please keep those blog posts coming.
Joel Waldman


Comments on MGS from Joel Waldman, Mar. 2015

I have been following Kiran for well over a year now. As a retired gym owner and former strength athlete as well as a reMax district senior qualifier a few years back… I am convinced completely of the correctness of her methods and assertions. In the last year I have hit numerous shots that I could never have hit with any one of my “other swings”…it is also the easiest swing to learn, to ingrain, and execute. If you are serious about golf, learn as much as you can about mgs and seriously consider traveling to where ever Kiran is to learn from the inventor herself

Comments on MGS from Peter D, Tampa Florida, Jan. 2015

I have been using the MGS swing with my kids here at the First Tee of Tampa and am having great success. They pick it up very quickly. This is a great way to swing the club.

Comments on MGS from John R. from Germany, Sept. 2014:

I started playing golf some 15 years ago and was captured by the sport immediately. Now 70, I have put on considerable weight and have had difficulty swinging the golf club as freely as I was able to do back then. Accordingly I had been searching for a method more suited to my portly body type when, quite by accident, I stumbled across the name Kiran Kanwar. With nothing to lose I bought her e-book, which frankly is more suited to beginners but which does contain the kernel of her teachings, and started to watch the videos on her homepage, which I found very enlightening. A few practice sessions later I felt confident enough to take the MSG to the course and was delighted to be playing comfortably and, most importantly, from the fairway with no loss of distance on any shot.

As one might expect, I had a few questions which I put in emails to Kiran Kanwar and each time I received a prompt and extremely helpful reply. Amazingly enough there was never a suggestion of any charge for this help, although I would happily have paid. This in itself is extremely rare these days and proved to me that Kiran really has her students’ best interests at heart. She really does know what she is talking about. Because of my living in Germany, a visit to her for lessons is not really on the cards, although it is something I would love to do and would be something I would recommend to anyone who is able to have access to her teaching personally. For anyone who cannot, there is so much video material available that you can get the hang of her teachings very quickly. What is so fantastic is that the MGS is so body friendly. What a joy to finish a round without all the aches and pains associated with the more conventional swings.

It is a mistake to think that this is a golf swing just for beginners. As one can see from the videos, many established players have benefited from Kiran’s guidance. I would thoroughly recommend the MGS system to anyone, and not just old fogies like me, for whom it is most certainly ideal.

Read MGS-user Kevin McMullen’s discovery and practice of MGS

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  1. John Mule’'s Gravatar

    Posted by John Mule' on 17.02.12 at 3:53 pm

    My time spent learning all aspects of MGS from you recently in St. Louis was easily the most beneficial experience of my 30+ years in golf. As you’ve stated, MGS is based upon real scientific study – not personal opinion and/or guesswork. MGS leaves nothing to chance in terms of an individual’s desire and potential to improve. Going about your teaching in the manner that you do – with great communication and humor – made the learning experience that much more fun to take part in. I would say to any player (at any level…) who really wants to take their game to the next level and keeps an open mind about learning something based upon science fact and not fiction – MGS provides the framework to accomplish your golfing goals in a fraction of the time than more traditional methods.For those who have the means to actually visit Kiran in person for one-on-one instruction, you will be treated to a master instructor who sincerely wants each and every student to fulfill their potential.

    John M.
    Baton Rouge, La.

  2. Marc's Gravatar

    Posted by Marc on 17.02.12 at 3:53 pm

    I have been a very frustrated dedicated golfer for several years. I have put countless hours into lessons, videos, books, and practice with limited or fleeting results. I stumbled across Kirans MGS teachings on the Internet and it has been as close to a “golf miracle” as I have found and have had consistent, positive, and honestly almost too good to be true results so far. I am going to take the next step and will be taking personal lessons from Kiran in St Louis in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait! Thanks Kiran for developing this system! I look forward to going from duffer to golfer and I believe Kiran and her MGS swing are the keys to get there…l will update after my lessons… Thanks!

  3. Stan Lane's Gravatar

    Posted by Stan Lane on 17.02.12 at 3:53 pm

    I, too, am enjoying implementing MGS. The information I have obtained from this site as well as Kevin’s has been extremely helpful. I ordered Kiran’s E-Book over a week ago and paid with PayPal, but have not received anything yet. Can someone let me know how long it takes or give me some contact info??? Thanks

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