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Kiran Kanwar calls herself a golf swing researcher/analyst, not a golf instructor/coach. The difference? She has spent the past 18 years and more, using her background in physics/math and, more recently, anatomy/biomechanics to conduct published/unpublished as well as empirical research on several aspects of the golf swing. Why does that matter? It matters because the ‘traditional’ golf swing as used today places many of the body’s joints in positions they were not designed to work best from, leading to inefficient and inconsistent ball-contact as well as greater scope for error and injury.

Based on almost 2 decades of painstakingly thorough research, she has developed the Minimalist Golf Swing System, which places the body in a position from which it cannot help but deliver the club to the ball correctly – not only for the full-swing, but also for the pitch/bunker, chip and putt strokes. The System increases the margin for error on any stroke, increases efficiency and consistency of ball-contact and also reduces the scope for injury.

After winning the 1983 National Championship – the All India Ladies’ Open Amateur Golf Championship (along with many other important golf tournaments), Kiran was, in 1989, and for 10 years thereafter, India’s first, then only, woman golf teaching professional, and has added to her lists of ‘firsts’ in the years since.

Kiran made three presentations at the 2012 World Scientific Congress of Golf – an original research paper, a symposium and a workshop. In 2012, she also presented the Minimalist Golf Swing at a ‘Golfer and the DC’ seminar of the Motion Palpation Institute, for chiropractors.

Kiran was the only woman and only Indian to be a speaker at the PGA of Asia’s First and Second Golf Teaching Conference in 2010 and 2011. She has also conducted workshops on Golf Swing Biomechanics for The PGA of America’s Gateway section and LPGA Mid-West section teaching professionals; for some of the Indian Tour (PGTI) players; and for students of the Masters’ Degree course in Sports Science at Logan College of Chiropractic.

She offers Minimalist Golf Swing System (MGSS)-based golf instruction at various locations in St Louis, MO, USA, Edwardsville, Il, USA and in Mumbai, India and has worked with long-drivers, professional golfers, men, women and juniors in both the USA and India. In 2012 two of her professional-golfer students won events in the USA. She also offers Level 1 and Level 2 certification for those wishing to teach the MGSS.

Kiran Kanwar has four Class A credentials – the LPGA, The PGA (GB&I – Advanced Professional), the NGAI (also Teaching Staff) and PGA of India (also Board Member). She has an undergraduate degree in physics with a minor in math, and is a candidate for a Masters’ Program in Sports Science and Nutrition from Logan College of Chiropractic, St Louis, MO (2014). She is an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. She also has over 25 years of golf journalism experience, is a columnist for Golf Digest India, and is a member of the Golf Writers’ Association of America.

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