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John Daly withdraws from the 2013 (British) Open because of elbow injury. Some sources say he had a Tommy John surgery (which is done on the ulnar collateral ligament of the elbow). Others that he had tendon injury. It took some digging to find out it was to the right elbow.

Anyway, whether tendon or ligament, the movement that causes it remains the same. SAME poor-mechanics movement repeated hundreds of times can cause injury.

Everyone in golf believes that ‘certain movements have to be made’ and that all a golfer can do is to strengthen or make-more-flexible the different body areas prone to injury based on whether their role is to be stable or mobile!

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 7.08.42 PM

Note JD’s right-arm and shoulder top of backswing positions:
– Shoulder internally rotated and abducted >90 degrees (wonder if humerus is
hitting acromion process)
– Elbow flexed >90 degrees, will need abduction at shoulder along with extension
at elbow to arrive at ball
– Forearm – pronated, will need to be at least semi-supine

Note his right arm and shoulder at halfway down, as his body makes a powerful rotation during the downswing, his right side flexes laterally very rapidly and as he (probably) tries to maintain ‘lag’:
– Shoulder protracted, and therefore
– Elbow cannot extend on the sagittal plane as it is designed to

THUS, his right trunk dropping down rapidly AND the lower body rotating equally rapidly and pulling the elbow in to the body put the tendons at the right medial elbow as well as the UCl ligament into a valgus position. With the wrists trying to remain in ‘lag’ ie here seen as extension, even more stress is put on the right medial tendon/ligament area.

Poor, poor John Daly, may his joints rest in peace (for a bit).

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