Fading the Ball with the MGS

The Fade, MGSS Style.

The ‘fade’ shot requires a slightly out-to-in path, with slightly more body weight remaining on the back/trail leg, so that the net result is that the clubface opens through impact.

It is therefore not a normal MGSS shot. The basic MGSS shots (full-swing, pitch/bunker, chip and putt shot) will never allow the club to arrive at the ball from an outside path, which is created by a slight over-the-top downswing and thus produces less-than-ideal contact with the ball.

The adaptation to be made for the ‘fade’ should only be made after the set-up and backswing for a regular swing are easily repeated.

The only change to be made is that the golfer ‘twists’ less during the set-up. Or, as some do, twist as much as usual, then undo a bit of the twist.

A video has been attached with the same title, in the ‘golf videos’ section of this blog.

A draw is made by aiming the feet slightly right of target and shutting the clubface (as usual), and then using all the other features of the MGSS set-up and backswing. For those with a slightly forward ball-position (MGSS recommends center for all full-swing shots), that could be moved back a bit too, so as to be more centered.

This post especially for Mike Kenny.

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  1. Mike Kenny's Gravatar

    Posted by Mike Kenny on 21.09.12 at 3:02 am

    Took it out on the course today. Two draws and a one fade when I really needed them, Easy to work the ball when everything evolves from the setup. Thanks Kiran. More of my fellow golfers are are drinking the coolaid (converts).

  2. YourGolfGuru's Gravatar

    Posted by YourGolfGuru on 21.09.12 at 3:02 am

    Mike, the delay in posting was because I had to shoot video and then find time to make an imovie out of it. Hope you did not lose millions on the golf course in the meantime. If so, my bad! Please do keep posting questions. Also, what does ‘drinking the coolaid’ in terms of converts mean? In British English ie. the real English, please?

  3. Mike Kenny's Gravatar

    Posted by Mike Kenny on 21.09.12 at 3:02 am

    I have become a MGSS disciple. ‘Drinking the coolaid’ is slang for becoming fervent believers. On reflection the slang is misplaced as MGSS believers should all expect positive outcomes. (The Coolaid reference is from one of america’s darker moments when the followers of Rev. Jimmy Jones and the Peoples Temple followed him to the Guyana jungle in 1978 and died in a mass suicide after drinking poisoned Coolaid.).

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